Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are essential for any homeowner as this ensures the protection of your homes. We only provide the best service in order to provide the ultimate security.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our professionals cover all needs related to garage door springs, are specialists in both torsion and extension springs, and guarantee fast response

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Our company has experienced professionals that can handle all issues with garage doors.

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Through our experience, we came to the conclusion that people have several questions about garage doors. That's natural since there are many garage door subjects. Here we offer answers to the most frequently asked questions and try to explain things in the simplest way so that you won't get confused even more.

Reliable service provider for garage door maintenance

Contains great answers to your garage door maintenance queries. Well-laid door opener tips for easy understanding.

  • Why safety cables are necessary?

    The safety cables are inserted in garage door extension springs, come out of the spring at each side, and are attached close where the springs are attached. They act as a safety net for the times the springs might break. In this case, the safety cable will keep the spring from frying off in the garage and accidents are thus avoided. They are actually a must!

  • Why does my garage door stay slightly above the ground when closed?

    This could be due to obstruction of the garage door tracks. Check to see that there are no pebbles or dirt blocking the way of the rollers. The other common cause is an incorrect setting of the closing limit. It has to be adjusted using the special knob at the back of the opener.

  • How can I avoid finger injuries?

    Fingers are injured when they are caught in the garage door sections, edges, and joints. Apart from avoiding putting your hands there, Garage Door Repair Rockwall also recommends installing handles. Amarr has patented sectional doors with pinch protection sections for avoidance of such injuries.

  • Can galvanized garage door parts get rusty?

    The galvanization involves the covering of the steel with zinc coating so that it does not rust. Unless a chemical compound damages the coating, the parts will not rust. It is possible for road salts to damage the coating, so you have to clean the garage floor during the winter to protect the galvanized tracks.

  • How do I know repair parts are chosen properly?

    Before you make any changes in the garage system, it's best to consult the manual. It's also important to find out how much your garage door weighs since parts must be chosen based on the door's weight. Measure the current parts to make sure you order the right size garage door repair parts or find their codes in the manual. If you have already replaced the door recently, you'll need to get different ones.

  • Why doesn't my garage door close properly?

    There are various explanations according to the experts at Garage Door Repair Rockwall. For this reason, all major garage door parts must be checked properly. Start by checking the good functioning of the opener and keep on with the examination of the garage door springs. If they are not flexible enough, they won't allow the door to close properly and so will the cables, if they are loose. First, check and replace the bottom seal.

  • Can I get silent openers?

    One basic difference among garage door openers is their noise level. The belt drive garage door opener is the silent type whereas the screw drive opener makes a little noise. If you want complete silence, you should choose the belt drive, which has the advantages and strength of the chain drive garage door opener but a rubber keeps it from being noisy. It's reliable but it's a bit more expensive than the other types.

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