Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are essential for any homeowner as this ensures the protection of your homes. We only provide the best service in order to provide the ultimate security.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our professionals cover all needs related to garage door springs, are specialists in both torsion and extension springs, and guarantee fast response

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Our company has experienced professionals that can handle all issues with garage doors.

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Experienced and well trained garage door repair personnel.

You can spot the most reliable door opener tips, for all kinds of garage doors. Plus, you can also get helpful ideas on their upkeep.

  • Inspect the cables

    Your garage door cables work under tremendous pressure and should be checked periodically to avoid damage and expensive repair costs. If you find that your cables have become stretched or are frayed, call our professionals as soon as possible. Never attempt to repair or replace the cables or springs in your garage door as serious injury can occur, not to mention that you will probably void your door's warranty. Our technicians have the proper tools and expertise to repair or replace your cables to the proper factory specifications.

  • Installing garage door weather seals

    Keep the door open so you can reach the bottom of it. Choose the right size of a weather seal, which is usually between 10 or 30 feet. Do not forget to remove the old weather seal before you install a new one. Our experts find the center of the door by measuring the width of the door and dividing it in half.

  • Why Use Insulated Garage Doors

    For many people, the climate where they live can often reach uncomfortable levels. An insulated garage door absorbs energy, be it heat or cold. This saves up on energy and is worth every penny for anyone who spends a good amount on their heating or cooling systems.

  • Check systematically the stability of springs

    Torsion springs are secured at the wall with garage door brackets and the shaft of the spring is secured by bearing plates. At the center of the spring there's another bearing, which makes sure both the shaft and the spring are centered. Extension springs are secured at the two sides of the door and they extend/retract perpendicularly to the door. They're adjusted to bolts fastened on brackets.

  • Check the opener sensors

    The opener sensors are perhaps the most important garage door parts for your safety.  The experts of our company in Rockwall suggest checking them as often as possible and replacing them as soon as you notice that they don't work properly. They can really prevent garage door accidents.

  • The new sensors

    New openers have sensors with reverse mechanisms, but newer ones may also have sensors for the detection of smoke and timer for the automatic closing of the door.

  • Avoid garage door injuries

    According to the statistics and experience of Garage Door Repair Rockwall, most people do their own garage door service without taking the right precautions. You must never engage in any garage door repair without wearing good gloves and without covering your face. You must also remember to unplug the opener when you are fixing or checking the unit. It's best to acquire some knowledge beforehand.

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