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The role of the proverbial garage door is becoming more and more important as it is no longer just used for securing a homeowner's car, but also for keeping their entire property and family safe from intruders. This system serves as your first line of defense against burglars, which is why you need to invest in a high quality and sturdy door, like ones made by Clopay or Liftmaser, or any of the industry's other leading brands, and make sure it is properly maintained by professional technicians.

Even Superior Systems Could Need Help

These types of doors come in different styles and designs, which also enhance the curb appeal of your home and increase its value. That being said, even doors of the highest quality that undergo regular maintenance can unexpectedly suffer from a problem due to a variety of different reasons. These automatic systems are under a great deal of stress on a daily basis. When something goes wrong, you can count on our team to offer you an affordable and effective solution.

Repairing Opener Issues

As essentially the "engine" of your automatic door system, the opener can suffer from a variety of problems. Worn out motor gears and a malfunctioning circuit board are two of the most common issues, but the wide range of different troubles that could inflict it is quite vast. Not to worry. Our team can help you when something goes wrong, regardless of the make and model of your unit.

Replacing Broken Springs

Our technicians specialize in adjusting spring tension and replacing them when they break or become too worn. Whether you have a pair of extension springs or a single torsion one, you can always count on us to perform the necessary work without jeopardizing anyone's safety. These components can be very dangerous, and should only be handled by trained professionals.

Taking Care of Tracks

The track is in charge of guiding your door's movement. If it becomes blocked by dirt or debris, or if it develops any bends, it could prevent your door from moving smoothly, and may even cause the panels to collapse. Our team can straighten out any dents and make sure your track is clear and properly aligned to ensure safe and optimal door performance.

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